B.R.A.I.N_A.G.M. 2017

On February 11, 2017, the BRAIN Alliance held its first Annual General Meeting. Representatives from each subproject research team presented an overview of the progress accomplished since the project’s launch. These talks provided our students with the opportunity to practice their presentation skills and gain public speaking experience. Additionally, our HQPs were introduced to other BRAIN colleagues’ research; ergo, similarities between projects were exposed, fostering the sharing of knowledge and potential collaborative efforts.

The BRAIN Alliance AGM also featured two guest speakers: Angela Zeno (Manager, Research Accounting, York University) and Elissa Strome (Executive Director, SOSCIP). Angela provided information on the BRAIN funding structure, the role of Research Accounting, and information regarding ORF in-kind and labour reporting requirements. Elissa Strome provided an overview of SOSCIP (Southern Ontario Smart Computing Innovation Platform), its infrastructure and funding opportunities.

The BRAIN Alliance relies on support from the Ontario Research Fund and resources from industrial and institutional partners. Additional support is provided by numerous NSERC and OCE grants.

BRAIN AGM 2017 Presentation Slides

Applied Machine Learning Learning Concepts to Analyze Intracranial PressureAlireza Sadeghian, Parisa Naraei (Ryerson)St.Michael's Hospital
Data Analytics for Facilities ManagementJenn McArthur (Ryerson), Nima Shahbazi (York)[Fuseforward Solutions Group]
WHERE-WHENGerald Penn (UToronto)Public Health Agency of Canada
Bringing SMARTness into Operating RoomsJimmy Huang, Xing Tan, Stanley Liang (York)[Dapasoft Inc.]
 Data and Visual Analytics for Decision Support in Online News MediaAna Jofre, Steve Szigeti, Sara Diamond (OCADU), Heidar Davoudi (York)[The Globe and Mail]
Elders, Memory & Data Visualisation; Changing Aging Cues with News MediaMartha Ladly (OCADU), Gerald Penn (UToronto)[Toronto Rehabilitation Institute] [University Health Network] [Gesturetek]
Interactive Visualization of Large Data SetsSara Diamond (OCADU), Parke Godfrey (York)[Empress Software Inc.]
Developing Tools for Visual Interactive Data and Pattern AnalysisLing Guan, Lei Gao, (Ryerson), Jimmy Huang (York)[Dapasoft Inc.] [Applied Recognition]
) Building Automation System integration into a Cloud-based BIM-FM modelMarin Litoiu (York), Jenn McArthur (Ryerson)[Fuseforward Solutions Group]
3D Scalable Video Cloud Transcoder for Wireless MulticastsVida Movahedi (York)[IBM]
 High Utility Sequential Pattern Mining with Big Data PlatformsMorteza Zihayat (York)[IBM]
Parallelizing Applications using Symphony Parent-Child FeatureZahra Farzanyar (York)[IBM]
Health Behaviour Recommendation for Chronic Disease Patients for Better Self-ManagementZhen Mei, Ted Hains (Manifold), Jason Chen (York)[Manifold Data Mining]
BRAINTRUSTGerald Penn (UToronto)[Ontario Brain Institute]
A Method for Designing Evidence-based Learning MaterialJimmy Huang, Marina Erechtchoukova (York); Alireza Sadeghian, Jun Ge, Enrico De Santis (Ryerson)[Shore Consulting Group]
Developing Smart Conversational SystemsElnaz Delpisheh, Emad Gohari (York)[iNAGO Inc.]
Tangible and Data-Embedded User Interfaces for Data AnalyticsAna Jofre, Sara Diamond (OCADU), Matthew Kyan (York)[NLogic]
3D Data Acquisition for Image Guided Surgery (3DAIGS)Rick Wildes (York)[MDA Corp]
Athenians ProjectJohn Traill (UToronto), Aaron Boda, Clark Yin, Jian-Guo Wang, Xiaohui Yu (York)[Empress Software Inc.]